I Bought Second-Hand Clothes to Get Married In

13 June 2018.

I was going to put an exclamation mark it the title of this post – I Bought Second-Hand Clothes to Get Married In + ! – but I then thought that that little punctuation mark could make it look as though I had some surprise in myself for buying second-hand clothes, which I didn’t

In today’s world, it seems that high street shops are closing down, as most people now tend to buy their clothes online but what’s the point of ordering online?  Okay, you don’t have to go to the shop to buy them but, then again, if you don’t go to the shop to buy them, you can’t try them on.  That leaves you with then having to either put up with the wrong size, or go through the annoying process of returning the goods and maybe re-ordering.

Charity / second-hand shops are great.  If you live in an upmarket area, you have the chance of getting upmarket clothes for a much reduced price.  Some charity shops even get graded items (not made absolutely perfectly e.g. crooked buttonhole or line of stitching) from factory shops and so these have never been worn – and who cares about a crooked buttonhole or line of stitching?

I love to buy my handbags from charity shops and I was in one recently, when the shop assistant said that the young lady who had just left the shop definitely knew her handbags, as she’d just bought two beauties for under a tenner.  Mine cost two pounds and I didn’t care about the label.  It does the job and I’ll use it till it gives up the ghost.  Why would I need better than that?

The wedding clothes?  A lovely skirt and jacket from one shop and a hat from another.  I felt really good on my important day.


What’s the best thing you have ever bought that wasn’t new at purchase?


About Denise

After raising a family and working many years in England (civil servant and, later, communicator and lipspeaker for the deaf, a manager of two residential homes and a person-centred counsellor), my husband and I decided to go looking for some sunshine and a much better quality of life. Since we arrived in North-West Spain in February 2006, I have been able to devote some time to something I have desired all my life. Now an established freelance writer, I have had work published in magazines and, as a copywriter, on websites and blogs. The future is bright!
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