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Is it just me who is sick of all of the hype in today’s world?

Do I have to have false nails?  I mean, to me, having long nails, whether real or false, feel like a disability.  Try taking your contact lenses out, or picking up money that you dropped on the ground.

Am I less of a female for not buying the most expensive face cream, not going on a sun bed and not buying clothes which are, price-wise, completely our or my range?

Do I need to talk about my breakfast on Facebook and Twitter?


I don’t do any of these things and, as I now appear to be in the minority,  I have one VERY IMPORTANT question?

Am I an alien  ….  Or simply happy in my own skin?


I’ll leave that to you to decide …. .

If you think you might be an alien too (i.e. happy in your own skin and not trying to impress anyone with ‘what you’ve got (or maybe haven’t really got)’, please come and join me, for an occasional natter and a good (virtual) cup of tea and a piece of cake.




About Denise

After raising a family and working many years in England (civil servant and, later, communicator and lipspeaker for the deaf, a manager of two residential homes and a person-centred counsellor), my husband and I decided to go looking for some sunshine and a much better quality of life. Since we arrived in North-West Spain in February 2006, I have been able to devote some time to something I have desired all my life. Now an established freelance writer, I have had work published in magazines and, as a copywriter, on websites and blogs. The future is bright!
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  1. Denise says:

    Good stuff! From Me.


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