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Is it just me who is sick of all of the hype in today’s world?

Do I have to have false nails?  I mean, to me, having long nails, whether real or false, feel like a disability.  Try taking your contact lenses out, or picking up money that you dropped on the ground.

Am I less of a female for not buying the most expensive face cream, not going on a sun bed and not buying clothes which are, price-wise, completely our or my range?

Do I need to talk about my breakfast on Facebook and Twitter?


I don’t do any of these things and, as I now appear to be in the minority,  I have one VERY IMPORTANT question?

Am I an alien  ….  Or simply happy in my own skin?


I’ll leave that to you to decide …. .

If you think you might be an alien too (i.e. happy in your own skin and not trying to impress anyone with ‘what you’ve got (or maybe haven’t really got)’, please come and join me, for an occasional natter and a good (virtual) cup of tea and a piece of cake.



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The Jones’s Ladder of Success.

13 June 2018.

I know we’ve probably all done it and I’d like to call it ‘the Jones’s ladder of success’.  I suppose this could be the antecedent of Facebook – we’re better than you but it’s not written down or broadcast anywhere’.

When I first married, we bought an affordable terraced house.  My husband wanted to prove himself to all those he went to school with that he was on the up and up, so we bought a semi-detached and then, a few years later, a detached.  Then we divorced.

While the divorce had its personal reasons, I am sure that it was also heavily affected by the fact that we were struggling to make ends meet (can you see the Facebook likeness here?).  Getting on in life seems to produce two faces, the real one and the one we need, for some obscure reason, to pretend we are better off than we are.  I know Facebook people create false personal histories, say they are whooping it up when they have probably not left their own home and are trying to find happiness in a fake life.

How sad is that?

I am so proud that I never got caught in the net of Facebook!


But what about you?  Are you caught and can’t escape?

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I Bought Second-Hand Clothes to Get Married In

13 June 2018.

I was going to put an exclamation mark it the title of this post – I Bought Second-Hand Clothes to Get Married In + ! – but I then thought that that little punctuation mark could make it look as though I had some surprise in myself for buying second-hand clothes, which I didn’t

In today’s world, it seems that high street shops are closing down, as most people now tend to buy their clothes online but what’s the point of ordering online?  Okay, you don’t have to go to the shop to buy them but, then again, if you don’t go to the shop to buy them, you can’t try them on.  That leaves you with then having to either put up with the wrong size, or go through the annoying process of returning the goods and maybe re-ordering.

Charity / second-hand shops are great.  If you live in an upmarket area, you have the chance of getting upmarket clothes for a much reduced price.  Some charity shops even get graded items (not made absolutely perfectly e.g. crooked buttonhole or line of stitching) from factory shops and so these have never been worn – and who cares about a crooked buttonhole or line of stitching?

I love to buy my handbags from charity shops and I was in one recently, when the shop assistant said that the young lady who had just left the shop definitely knew her handbags, as she’d just bought two beauties for under a tenner.  Mine cost two pounds and I didn’t care about the label.  It does the job and I’ll use it till it gives up the ghost.  Why would I need better than that?

The wedding clothes?  A lovely skirt and jacket from one shop and a hat from another.  I felt really good on my important day.


What’s the best thing you have ever bought that wasn’t new at purchase?

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